Uwe Bublitz
Veterinär AB

The leading equine expert in southern Sweden

At Uwe Bublitz Veterinär AB, we're passionate about equine health. Our top-notch facilities and expert care offer comprehensive services, from surgery to specialized diagnostics, ensuring your horse's well-being. Trust us to keep your horse healthy and active.


At our clinic, we offer a wide range of expert equine surgeries, including arthroscopies, upper airway procedures, and more. Trust our skilled team to ensure your horse's health and vitality.


Our clinic provides a wide spectrum of treatments, including dental care and cutting-edge regenerative therapies, all designed to meet your horse's unique health and performance requirements. Trust our expertise for your equine companion's well-being.


We offer comprehensive examinations, including purchase examinations to assess new horses, lameness evaluations, endoscopy for internal assessments, and radiography for in-depth imaging. Rely on us for expert equine healthcare.


Our clinic features advanced equine laboratories, equipped for comprehensive diagnostics and blood work. Additionally, we collaborate with an external lab for a wide range of specialized tests, ensuring your horse's health and thorough evaluation.

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